Video Management Software

Video Management Software is a central management platform for all kinds of network video systems. 

VMS  that enables management and control of live and recorded video, seamlessly integrating digital video components.

VMS makes management of medium and large sized sized video surveillance software more effective, user friendly and flexible than ever before. The system is easy to install, configure and maintain and provides all levels of security personnel with intuitive and reliable control. This enables fast detection of potential threats and emergency event management.

 VMS Features: 

  • Recording
  • Alarms handling
  • Client software request handling
  • Live view
  • Camera control
  • Map view
  • Video analytics
  • Playback
  • Configuration
  • Report generation
  • Failover management
  • Redundant recording
  • Loitering detection
  • Tailgating detection
  • Object stopped detection
  • People counting, Vehicles counting
  • Object trace / travel path
  • Object speed calculation
  • Digital auto-tracking
  • Vibration removal