Tripod Turnstiles

Product Description

The tripod turnstiles feature a Visitor Management input. When activated this allows an unlimited number of people to pass through the tripod. Once the visitors have entered and the system no longer sees anyone entering or exiting, after a period of time it returns to its secure state.

The Tripod turnstiles are based on a smooth reliable motorized mechanism. The mechanism is self-centering to make sure that the unit returns smoothly to its home position and the electronic braking system is designed to ensure the unit does not lock up on users and therefore maintains high throughput rates.

The tripod turnstiles are straight forward and familiar to most users. The 3 arms can rotate in one or two directions, controlled by an access control system or push button at a reception desk. The motor speeds up throughput whilst further facilitating the use of the tripod turnstiles. After an authorizing input from the access control system the arms inch forward to show the user that they have been authorized, then, after a small amount of pressure from the user the arms complete their cycle.

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